Listed below various services we're capable of and we can provide as you need. But not all...

  • Photo studio for rent (read below)
  • Fashion photography, indoor and outdoor
  • Portrait photography
  • Commercials
  • Events, catwalks and backstage
  • In association with Wanna be Made:
  • Model gait's training, various levels
  • Models for shooting, commercials, catalogs
  • Models for catwalks and showroom
  • MUA, choreographer, art director and much more



We rent our 35 sqm x2 floors studio by the hour (minimum 2 hours, though. Please consider 35 Euro/hour). Different timing will be needed (half or full day)? Please ask us for a quote. Please note, weekends and festivitiy days will be charge 15% extra. Studio assistant's included.

At the second floor a smaller studio with continuous light and three make-up/hair dresser stations.

MUA andhair dresser are available as well at your request.

Even though the prices have been already listed, you have to consider 'em just as guidance. Please contact us for a proper quote: let us know what you need it for.


There's no kidding here...

We're around to do business, trying to do our best at all time and every kind of cooperation is welcome.

Share your project with us, what kind of support you need and we'll take it from there.

This is just the beginning... bring us your pics and we'll have them printed out in you preferred size.

If needed and/or wanted, we can enhance your shoots to suit your taste.

Service-to-be: on location printing service... please stay tuned.



Other services provided by our organization

Well, that's pretty much it, whatever involves photography we'll be available. Whatever involves fashion, we'll be available. Whatever involves make-up and hair dresser we'll be available...

We're regularly organize model sharing, work shops, basic and advanced photo training (you'll find the latest here). Though, we'll be available to discuss any needs you can have even out of the organized one...just let us know.

You can find us on